Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am the worst packer ever

Killing time before heading to the airport, got no sleep gotta love those early AM flights. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had a plan of sleeping all the way to Puerto Vallarta... Might have worked had I not hopped myself up on caffeine now I'm hyper and kinda naushis. I am sure a yummy airport breakfast will make it all better.

Turns out packing is not something I'm good at.. I have always thought I was a light packer in 10 years I have never checked baggage, then again I have never gone anywhere for this long.. So the pack weights in at 39.5 lbs, I am sure I can find something to stick in it to get it over 40lbs if only I could find a crevice to put something in, hoping the zippers hold out that would be a piss off. I also have a day pack with the computer and other assorted crap which should add an extra 10lbs to the load , pretty sure I will be ditching some stuff in PV. Loosing the deodorant, towel, toothpaste & shampoo should shave at least 4 lbs off. Do I really need the snorkeling gear or can I live with using a pre spit in rental? hmmmmm big decisions that will need to be made after todays trial run.

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DJIN7 said...

I'm surprised you are so laden. I'm sure you will re-prioritize your stuff as soon as you have to hike anywhere. Glad you made it safe!