Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Malecon Puerto Vallarta

I made it to Puerto Vallarta and did manage to get some sleep on the plane. I got a posada (hotel) a 1/2 block up from the beach, with a balcony so I can hear the waves crashing the room is huge. There are 3 double beds but I got it for the same price as a single so score for me.. I'm thinking I should sublet to supplement my beer budget. The first night was a few drinks, food and bed. Nights 2 & 3 involved some quality time spent bending my elbow at Andales (their website seems to be a bit messed up) and The Roxy, I will get some pic's before I go and post them. Day's 2 & 3 where spent on the beach and siesta's recovering from nights 2 & 3. So tonight
I went for some good wholesome family fun.

Sunday's in Puerto Vallarta are family days. Everyone gathers the clan together and heads down to the malecon, a stretch of very wide sidewalk that runs along the sea side. When in Mexico... My Mom resides here for 6 months a year so we met up and went for a stroll. There is live entertainment, concession stands that sell everything from taco's and crepes to pies and corn on the cob. You can also find vendors and artists selling their wares and in a lot of cases making the products while you watch. They also have a sand castle building exhibition with some great sculptors. There are a ton of people and vehicle traffic pretty much comes to a complete stand still. I have been eating taco's and quesadilla's off road side stands for the last couple of days so tonight I opted for crepes, they were very tasty mushroom & cheese for the main meal and chocolate for desert.

After a few passes on the malecon we stopped in at a lovely establishment called the Cheeky Monkey for a $1.00 Margarita. Turns out that was only for the regular lime which I'm not a fan of so we splurged and got the $2.00 fuzzy navel ones, very tasty. Great view of the malecon so good people watching.

Going to pass on the bar's tonight and head across the street to the Oxxo (Mexican version of 7-11) and pick up a beer then walk down to the beach and watch the waves for awhile.

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