Monday, February 2, 2009

Hasta Luego Puerto Vallarta

I just left Puerto Vallarta yesterday. Had a great time (what I remember of it, blackouts are a bitch :-) A big shout out to my fellow alki's at the Roxy, the bus ride the next day was a little rough not sure whether to thank you or hate you. I never did get any pictures in there, I'm not the sharpest stick in the pile sometimes. A big thank you to Luis and the rest of the staff for keeping me for the most part out of trouble you rock! And Rick you will be in Costa Rica before I am so would appreciate any travel tips you would care to part with. Email me at

I did manage to loose about 10 lbs out of my pack, along with some cloths; my blow dryer and I have parted ways. So I'm down to about 30 lbs now which is way easier to manage.

On the Saturday before I left I was in a restaurant / Bar called Cafe Roma which is down by the river and markets . Every Saturday they invite a bus load of kids down who live by the dump and feed them pizza and juice. The official organization is Children of the Dump. They do some great work with the kids, please check out their Web Site for more information on what they do. I had the opportunity to chat with Art the gentleman who runs the programs and was amazed at what they have been able to do and how far things have come since they started. As well as feeding the kids Fox and the gang at Cafe Roma collect donations that they give to the organization once a week. They have live music and karaoke and all tips generated are given to the kids, you can of course just donate while you are in there for a cerveza when there is no entertainment. The week I was there they had collected $10,000 pesos. If you are in Puerto Vallarta I highly recommend that you either take a tour of the Children of the Dump facilities; they have info on their Web Site or stop by Cafe Roma and make a donation.

While I was in Vallarta I stayed at the Posada Lily A low budget accommodation located in Old Town about 1/2 a block up from Los Murtos beach. Had a great room with a balcony and a view of the ocean. They didn't have anything smaller available when I checked in so I got a room with 3 double beds for the price of a singe (about $35 US) so score for me! They don't have a Web Site so I have posted a couple of pic's here. I have also stayed at the Posada Roger just down the street, also a good place, they have a pool and are a little more expensive at about $55.00 US. If budget accommodations aren't your thing, I have heard that Los Arcos is very nice.

I do prefer the Old Town part of town, I can walk almost everywhere in about 10 minutes including downtown so in 5 years I have never taken a cab which saves on money. If I do need to go anywhere else I take the local buses, at .55 pesos you can't beat it and they very often have entertainment on them including musicians and clowns. A great way to spend some time with the locals. I also eat at a lot of road side stands average cost of a meal is 20 peso's, look for where the locals are eating it's usually a sign that the food is good.

I had a great time in Puerto Vallarta and am looking forward to returning next year... Now on to Barra De Navidad.

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