Monday, February 2, 2009

Barra De Navidad Mexico

The bus ride from Puerto Vallarta to Barra De Navidad takes about 5 hours. There are 1st ($180 pesos) and 2nd (150 pesos) class busses. In Old Town you can pay for them and catch them at the corner of V.Carranza and Aguacate.. Just look for someone on the sidewalk selling tickets. I opted for the 1st class bus, lots of leg room, comfy seats and most important a bathroom. They also run movies (in Spanish). The bus makes several stops along the way, about 6 of them, it is a very windy road to Barra De Navidad and the scenery is great.

I arrived in town with out booking accommodations, a local told me about the place I ended up going to. The Hotel Sands is right on the water, it got damaged pretty badly in the last earth quake and they just reopened it. The street it is on is Morelas good luck finding it I've seen 3 street signs since I've been here but it is a small town so you will find it eventually. It is a typical budget hotel as far as the room goes, no TV and just a fan but it is clean and roomy and best of all has hot water. There is also a pool which is nice and a couple of bars and the price of the room includes Wi Fi and Breakfast in the restaurant which is beside the marina where the fishing boats dock (see pic's for the view from my table this morning). Lots of character, tons of outside nooks and crannies filled with over sized couches and chairs to sit in. I have posted some pic's because they don't have a Web Site. The people here are great and I will defiantly come back. Single room rates at $375 pesos a night (about $30.00 US).

As my liver is recovering and I am detoxing I was good and stayed out of the bars last night and instead opted for a nice cold latte in a great coffee shop which I have forgotten the name of. I will be heading out to try a few bars this evening, I am going to start with the one in the picture here. AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Kiss and most of the bar is actually on the beach.. How can you go wrong.
Update.. I did go out and try out a club but not the one above. I found a great place that overlooks the beach called Piper Lover. There were a bunch of incredibly nice and a little crazy folks from Kelowna hanging out there. I got to meet Piper who is a great guy, so thanks to all for the good time and the tequila shots! Detox wasn't working out so well anyway and no one likes a quitter.
Next stop Patzcuaro.

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