Saturday, February 7, 2009

Janitzio Island Mexico

Today we went to a little island off Patzcuaro called Janitzio . In order to get there you need to take a boat, it costs $40 pesos return. While Todd was purchasing ticket I was approached by a very tiny and very old lady of Purepecha decent selling bags of nuts. Nothing unusual there as the place is very popular with the tourists and there are a ton of vendors. I politely declined the offer of nuts and then things got kind of strange. She started talking a mile a minute and kept pointing to my eyes and her eyes, couldn't understand what she was saying as she was using the native dialect and not Spanish (like I would have understood Spanish either) but I got the impression that my eyes were freaking her out. Luckily I got my ticket so off we went, the folks that I am staying with said she may have been a native witch, they had a name for it but I have forgotten what it is. Don't think she put a hex on me but I guess I'll find out.

The boat ride took about 40 minutes and was packed with locals heading over to sell their wares along with musician who played all the way over. All in all a very festive ride. The Island is tiny but very high, the buildings cling to the side of it and look like they may all slide off at any moment. When we docked on the other side a kid of about 10 years old grabbed my arm to "assist" me off the boat and then wanted money LOL Being a complete sucker I gave him a couple of pesos although in hind sight probably not a good idea to encourage that behavior.

After yesterdays horseback ride and lava climbing I was not so sure if I would be able to make it to the top of the Island. There are 6 million stairs all of them crooked and sloped and they wind and twist their way up to the top with very few landings. There are shops lining the route the whole way up most of them on 30 degree angles. The shops are kind of strange, they sell everything from hand made high quality products to booby mugs and soft porn art. A little something for everyone it would seem. There is also a hotel with an Internet cafe which I was rather surprise to find in such a remote location. I did make it to the top of the island where there is a statue of the guy holding his hand up, I did however decline to purchase a ticket to go inside it and climb the other million stairs to get to the top. The walk down was much easier but a little more scary, tuck and roll head and elbows in.

The boat ride back was awesome, we landed on the party boat. The band had 4 members including a drummer and they were very good. Our fellow passengers were totally into partying and they danced the whole way back. The boat has long bench seats down both sides and island seating in the middle. At one point everyone including us joined in on a Congo line that went around the middle island of the boat. Defiantly on of the best boat trips I have ever been on, the party folk ended up hiring the band and taking them with them when they got off.

After that it was off to the town square for a coffee/beer and some people watching. Ran into a guy from Vancouver who just got into town and is driving a Volkswagen van down to Guatemala, it is a very small world. Then off to the bus depot to purchase my ticket to Mexico City at a cost of $310 pesos, the ride is 6 hours so I should get in at around 6pm. Found a great hostel online so I will check it out and see what it's like when I get there. Again my hosts cooked an awesome meal and Cosmo's were involved, I think they may be my new favorite drink. A big thank you to Todd & Shannon for your hospitality I had a great time and appreciate you showing me your neighborhood I can see why you love it here and chose it as your home.

Mexico City here I come. 40 million people in 1 place, crazy I don't think there are that many people in Canada.

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DJIN7 said...

Great pics!!! Hope you are having fun, stay safe.